3 Wonderful Medium Length Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Teenagers always excited and feel eager all the time. this is the most wonderful phase of humans life i guess. Just because teenagers never restricting themselves to explore many things. The most seized the attention of teenagers is their appearance.  And among boys and girls, teenage girls are the most attractive and intense with all trends. Teenage girls do style, do dress, in many cute ways. Especially considering with how to style their hair mostly.  Teenagers can style their hair in many ways. Most school policies allow for a wide variety of hairstyles, cuts and colors, allowing teens to change their hairstyle and figure out what works best for them. The hairstyles worn by film stars,recording artists and even television personalities have been raving in popularity among teenage girls alike throughout the world.   For girls who had medium length hair, here’s a few medium length hairstyles for girls :

Coloring -Blunt-Bob

These style is the most fascinating style for teenage girls, so many color that can be combined in your hair. like pink, blue, turquoise color, yellow, orange, green, all striking color! Pink is a very popular color and is often seen on just the tips of the hair or in one or two stripes. This can easily be done with a home kit, but if you’ve never tried it before, it’s best to seek help from a professional colorist.


Ponytail can be the most simple way to get cutest look. Just grab all your hair into high/down ponytail  and add it with some accessories such as bandana or hair clip.done!


teenage girls do braids to get formal look in generally. such as prom night, birthday party, or garden party. but nowadays braids for teenage girls becomes common for any occasion. like for school, or just hanging out with friends. the matter thing that you can do when you into these style is do the simple one. like these picture below. it can be the right choice for your medium length hair.

Curls your hair!

Medium-length curly haircuts are great for active teenage girls, since they require minimal styling. Have your stylist cut your ends to a medium length and then add blunt layers to create a uniform curl throughout your hair. To style this type of curly haircut, use styling cream scrunched into damp hair for a soft, curly look or styling gel for a harder hold. You can then air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to finish the look.

That’s,hopefully these 3 wonderful medium length hairstyles for teenage girls make any good advantages! for another style maybe i’ll discuss it another day :D
Medium length hairstyles for teenage girls is the most versatile, you can apply so many style at it. You can try a different style and unique for daily life. such as curly or coloring your hair.  You know, its really cool ways to get awesome look!
When you already decide which is the right style you’ll wearing later, you must take some advices first. From your friends, or go to salon near you.  don’t forget to always keep your hair healthy, do shampoo and conditioner, don’t you often use your blowdryer because it’ll make you hair rough and easily broken. Use vitamins hair everday too.


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