3 Very Simple Black Medium Length Hairstyles For Women

Black hair, shinny, seamless, versatile… wow! that is the most perfect hair that women really wanted to! (including me).  Besides that, black hair make us look younger.

Black hair has mesmerized people for years and one has seen it oozing charm when sleek, straight, braided or when long and curly. Black hair is also beautiful when worn long, short or cropped and people who are not naturally blessed with black hair go to the extent of using black hair color to achieve the look! But, it also needs extra care and styling.

Straight hairstyles

Straight hair of medium haircuts are inspired by many different types of haircuts. It can be a medium hair with bangs, medium cuts with color, and some other medium hairstyles are so beautiful.

Long layers and Long bangs hairstyle

This cute style features long layers to create movement and gently frame the face. Very longs bangs are swept to the side.

Medium with cute bangs

pin the bangs back with a bobby pin but with volume and twist the rest into a side bun.

These above just a few style that versatile, VERY simple to do, and to care. Black medium length hairstyles would have so many variations to style. And your duty is choose the right one. Adjust with your shape of face and listen to advices from your hairdresser instead. The requirements of black hair are different. They also tend to be less dense as compared to other hair. Therefore, look for products that offer better hair growth and are gentle with your hair. Use natural haircare products that have minimum use of chemicals as compared to others.

The advantage to black medium length hairstyles is that they offer so many looks with the same haircut by simply styling them differently. Medium length hairstyles are also easy to pin up for a formal dinner, or toss in a scrunchie when heading to the gym or hanging around the house. The disadvantage to black medium length hairstyles is three fold. After five to six weeks the structure begins to fall apart. So, how to care? Try to use shampoos with a low pH. Shampoos that have a high pH tend to dry out hair. When you condition your hair, try to comb it out using your fingers first. Then use a wide-toothed comb from the bottom up, in order to avoid breaking too many strands of hair. Gels can prove to be a good option for molding black hair and giving it shape. Therefore choose non-greasy formulas that always give hair a healthy sheen to it.




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