3 Lovely Medium Length Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Medium length curly hair naturally lends itself to a wide variety of different wonderful hairstyles. There are many looks one can try for medium length hairstyles for curly hair.


Check out these styles below!

Do-Curly Bob

A curly bob is a great way to show off your curls while also giving them a more professional and controlled look. Because maintaining a bob cut will require more frequent visits to your stylist, your hair will be healthier and show it. Curly bobs are not for everyone, though. Square, oval and long face shapes are well suited for the shorter cuts, while heart and round shaped faces will not be flattered.


Do-Bob with straight bangs

This style works best on women with prominent foreheads. Hair falls at the middle of the neck and the ends are cut to an even length in the back and slightly layered to frame the face at the sides. Curls are left in place and defined with a lightweight-moisturizing product for a tousled effect. Bangs are straightened with a flat iron and side swept for a sleek look to contrast with the curls.


Matching this layer cut, you might want to style your medium length curly hair into the classic bob cut. Don’t need to be afraid of dullness for bob cut is never out of season. In fact, vintage/retro is back! To accompany this look, complete your overall fashion with bangs. For curly hairs, you might want to show the fullness of your face that is framed beautifully by your curls. You can try side-sweep bangs that are very feminine and soft, or you can simply part your hair in the middle and let it all frame you on either sides of your face.

Do-High Ponytail

Pull hair up and away from the face, placing the ponytail at the top ridge of your head. The ponytail should be resting on a short, flat area, right above the rounding of your skull. To turn day-old locks in to fresh, sweeping curls,pull out a curling iron. Be sure that the iron is on the lowest heat setting to avoid any heat damage and then curl the entire ponytail. Hairspray will keep the look in place. For women with shorter styles and tighter curls, use a silk headband or scarf to gather curls on tops of your head, or where the curls naturally fall. You can either use the headband or scarf as a hair tie, creating a traditional bun, or simply let hair rest behind the scarf or headband, creating a bun look.Bobby pins will help to keep the scarf in place, if you so choose. Finish your curls with hairspray.

for 3 lovely medium length hairstyles for curly hair above could be an option for you. You can choose the good one, and ask some friend for advices.

for curly hair, it only required one thing, i.e. to create hair always look soft and structured, and don’t forget use accessories like a hair clip, a bandanna to further beautify, also use a hair vitamin if needed. If you looking for another medium length hairstyles for curly hair you can find it on internet. Yet for a more trendy look, many different ways that would be taken. You also can try celebrities hairstyles but with the same order with your hair type, don’t be afraid to try, because every different appearance will bring up different attention as well.











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