tousled hair1

Tousled Hair Styles

Looking for sexy, flirty, yet romantic hairstyles? Then you can try this; Tousled hairstyles. Tousled hairstyles are those that give the illusion that your hair has been wind swept or gives the “just out of bed” appearance.Very thin hair may disagree with this style, but any other type of hair should easily transform into tousled [...]

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Men’s Hair Color

Women aren’t the only ones using hair color to improve their hairstyle. Men can also color their hair, whether they just want to have a natural look to cover grey hair or go for a completely new color. Mens hair color are as versatile as women, since there are many colors that can be tried, [...]

2012 hairstyles

2012 Hairstyles for Young Men

It’s 2012! More young men are choosing to style their hair than ever before. Young men need to be more open-minded, and not fear to try some new different 2012 hairstyles and colors. They can go for straight to curly style, or white to red hair color. Adopting some fresh new 2012 hairstyles can totally [...]

henna hair color

Henna Hair Color

Henna hair color for men and women is a great alternative as a natural dyeing product compared to the chemical dyes. Henna used for hair coloring has no side effects, and is hence opted for by people who are looking to dye their hair without using any harmful or harsh chemicals. Henna hair color also [...]

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Chelating Shampoo

For people who swim a lot it is also advisable to chelate your hair more often to get rid of the chlorine from the pool. Hard water causes damage to hair which ultimately leads to breakage. Again after a chelating shampoo, deep condition your hair to restore moisture. Chelating shampoos are used to remove mineral [...]