hispanic men hairstyles

Hispanic Men Hairstyles

Each ethnicity has its own type of hair. This means some styling techniques work better than others on Hispanic hair. Hispanic men are know for having suave good looks and thick, coarse, locks that are characteristically of darker color. Hair of this texture and density opens a wide variety of styling options, and hairstyles for [...]

anne hathaway short hair

The Adorable Anne Hathaway Short Hair

Many celebrities have gone to the short hairstyle  because it is easier to manage, looks great and feels healthy. And the beautiful actress Anne Hathaway is one of them. Anne Hathaway wore a pixie haircut and looks very pretty. Anne Hathaway’s pixie looked particularly gorgeous with her outfits that has been shown to us on several occasions. [...]

jamie lee curtis hair

Jamie Lee Curtis Hair

American character actress Jamie Lee Curtis, was born on November 22nd 1958 in Los Angeles. Jamie Lee Curtis earned the nickname “Scream Queen” for her early roles in horror movies, including the well known “Halloween” series. Since then, she’s been nominated for the Academy Award and begun a new career as a spokesperson. Jamie Lee [...]

eva longoria hairstyles

Eva Longoria Hairstyles

Eva Jacqueline Longoriais an American actress, best known for portraying Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. Longoria received a nomination for the 2006 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance on Desperate Housewives. Besides her model body and sassy attitude, Eva Longoria hairstyles are equally attention [...]

Chic Medium Hair Styles for Men14

Cool and Chic Medium Hairstyles for Men

Almost all men sport hairstyles that reflect everything from musical tastes to career types. Male hairstyles are often based on what the top Hollywood celebrities are sporting and can quickly change. Men today like to be as stylish and noticeable as their female counterparts, and hairstyles have evolved to reflect this. Medium  hair is the [...]