The Best Hair Color ideas for Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones is spectrum spans skin tones from light beige to olive or deep tan. Normally, this tone can be found in middle east, Latin American and Asia.  If you have medium skin tone and thinking to dye your hair? then you must choose which color is right for you.  Here are some ideas [...]


Itchy Scalp Causes and Home Remedies

Have you ever felt your scalp is very itchy? and it feels very disturbing? even make you suffer, because every second must be scratched?Seriously, Itchy scalp can be really irritating. If you tend to constantly touch your scalp due to that itchy feeling, you might get a scalp infection. this time, I will discuss about [...]


Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

Curly, frizzy hair is no doubt difficult to manage. A person having curly frizzy hair is often not able to take proper care of his or her hair and end up with drying and making it rough even more. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology has a solution for everything. The technique that [...]


Dark Hair Color Ideas

Dark hair color is mysterious and sexy when worn right. In fact, there are a lot of dark hair color ideas which are wonderful because they allow girls to look amazing even if dark hair isn’t exactly suitable for them. As long as you get the right dark shade, you will be able to have [...]

mayonnaise hair treatment

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

If you are thinking about how to get hair care easier and not expensive at all, perhaps in this way you can achieve it. Here’s the way; it is highly recommended for Mayonnaise hair treatment. Mayonnaise treatment for hair has the ability to deep condition dry, flaky hair and heal breakage. Mayonnaise hair care is [...]


Herbal Essences Hair Color

Most women desire to have a perfect hair appearance. Because of this, they prefer to visit several salons just to have some hair treatment procedures. If you always experience changing the color of your hair, you can completely say which type of products are suited for your hair conditions. The best hair coloring products should [...]


Caramel Hair Color

Caramel is rich, soft shade of gold that can complement many hair colors. Depending on the manufacturer, caramel hues can also be called light golden brown or dark iridescent blonde, and it is important to understand that even within the shade “caramel” there is some variation for the darkness and golden tint of the color. [...]


Hair Color for Medium Skin Tones for Women

Medium skin tone is most common among middle east, Latin American and Asian people. This skin type tans easily but doesn’t get sunburns. People with medium skin tone usually have warmer undertones. The natural hair color for these people ranges from light brown to purplish black. When we speaking about what’s the best hair color [...]


Semi Permanent Hair Color

Speaking about the hair color classification based on the persistence of the color on natural hair, there are four primary types, namely, temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent hair colors. No doubt, each of these types is preferred as per individual choice. Nevertheless, semi-permanent hair color is the most sought after hair color type, especially due [...]