2012 Hairstyles for Young Men

It’s 2012! More young men are choosing to style their hair than ever before. Young men need to be more open-minded, and not fear to try some new different 2012 hairstyles and colors. They can go for straight to curly style, or white to red hair color. Adopting some fresh new 2012 hairstyles can totally change the way of young men look. Some styles of 2012 hairstyles for young men can be achieve with simple way, with low maintenance.

And for young men,  the type of product you use also important, because it’ll affects the outcome you achieve. It’s important to use a product with the right amount of control, so be sure to read the label for texture and hold. For the ideas of 2012 hairstyles that great for young men, some of them are mentioned below.


In 2012, the quiff becomes something altogether more refined. It’s still infused with attitude, but, as far as young men’s haircut trends this year, it’s a very different attitude.  This quiff style requires special hairstyling skills. The hair above the forehead in the centre needs to be taller and more volumised than normal. A guy therefore needs to use products to hold the quiff in place and he also needs a comb or a brush to arrange the quiff. Gel is sufficient for a short quiff, but longer hair needs something extra, such as hairspray or pins.


This year, rockabilly styles making a huge impression amongst men, again. Rockabilly hair style is one of the most popular among male celebrities on the red carpet, and you’ll see it plenty on fashion magazine. For young men, this hairstyle can be alternative option besides quiff, and there are some variations of Rockabilly hairstyles, such as; Pompadour, Duck tail, Detroit, and Jelly Roll. For a bold look, young men can go for rockabilly hair with appropriate clothing and accessories which is essential.  Think leather jackets, gingham, vintage bowling shirts, slacks, crepe soled shoes and obviously, jeans. The current model for the neo-rockabilly look is skinny black jeans, printed tees or baggy white wife beaters, button-up shirts, skinny ties, omnipresent wayfarer sunglasses and a fitted leather jacket.

Bed Head Look

The key to creating a successful messy bedhead look is a combination of the right haircut and a few styling tricks. A multi-layered haircut helps guys to get natural tousled volume that does not look over-styled or loaded with product. Layered cuts are effective on both straight and wavy hair. Choppy layers make styling a messy bedhead easy because the hair tends to sit up naturally when it has been cut this way. Just five minutes in the morning should be enough to get this modern classic style looking effortlessly perfect.

Natural Curly

Just like Harry Styles curly hair, it would be nice in another young men too. And it will look good with long hair because it stays close to the head and still looks neat in appearance. If you hair in very curly, this kind of look will be easy to maintain.

Emo hair

Emo is short for “emotional,” but the emo style is more about an artistic expression with clothing, attitude and, of course, hair. A combination of goth, punk and metal, “emo” is much less the sad undertone is was once thought to be and now reflects a modest rebellion against pop culture through clothing and style. Inspired by The Beatles, young men can go with emo style that much like the Beatles’ hair in the ’60s. This style is essentially a bowl cut (only messier). The hair should go down past the eyebrows and ears and is often longer than that, which allows for swoop-fringe on one-side.

Slicked Back Undercut

Here’s another 2012 hairstyles for young men; slicked back undercut. IMO, this hairstyle is more about classic style yet mature, but really awesome and cool for young guys. Perhaps if you are a young man who really tired with your old hair, just try this one. The cut of undercut is a less severe version of the undershave, where the hair at the sides and back of the head are shaved completely down while the top is left long. Undercutting allows the longer hair to curl over the shorter hair beneath it and provides a lighter look that is easy to manage. Then the top of your hair;slick it back with gel. Done.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut, sometimes also called a wiffle cut or a crew cut, is a hairstyle named after the sound of an electric razor, the essential tool used to create it. A buzz cut can have hair as long as a quarter of an inch and as short as mere stubble, achieved by removing the guard from the electric clippers. Buzz cuts can be had in a matter of moments if the stylist is experienced, the hands are steady and the clippers are decent quality.

And here are some pictures of 2012 hairstyles for young men for an example :

2012 hairstyles for young men can be just easy to achieve. But if you want to get the best results, you can go visit you favorite hairstylist in the downtown. After all, whatever 2012 hairstyles that will you choose, you need to feel more comfortable, confident and for the most of all; Always be yourself. Cheers!



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