1920′s Hairstyles for Men

The 1920s saw a great change in hairstyles and fashion. In an era that was characterized by lifestyle changes and freedom of expression, hairstyles reflected this changing culture. It was mainly youth culture that instigated this change, however, it was soon adopted by older generations.

In this decade, men’s hair styling was a simpler and more traditional affair, without the fame of the Shingle bob or Eton crop. Yet this was a modern era and men’s fashion developed into a highly groomed look, which kept pace with the crisp female image of the ’20s. Below are some variations 1920s hairstyles for men that great for formal or casual occasions. Take a look!

Side Parting

The hair was swept apart with the use of hair products. This parting usually occurred at the center of the head, but also could be parted slightly off center. Tonic kept the hair parting away from the face. The hair on the top and sides of the head were also plastered down with the use of tonic.

Mustaches and Beards

Mustaches and beards were also popular, particularly among older men, though not as much as before. Some young people wore mustaches to make them look older. However, by the end of the 1920s, popularity of the mustaches decreased.

Military Cut

A military haircut was another popular hairstyle. The hair was cut very short, typically less than 1 cm. Men who were doing sports especially liked this type of haircut as it was more comfortable than longer hair. In addition, most young boys had their hair cut in a similar fashion.

Ocean Type Waves

Here’s another variation of 1920s hairstyles for men. A slicked down ripple hair effect was a popular style within black communities in 1920. The extensive use of hair products helped slick the hair down on the head while also creating a non-uniform wave effect.

Boys’ Styles

Young boys had a short hairstyle, which was extremely common in 1920. Their hair was short on the back and on the sides of the head, with no specific styling. No hair products were used. Caps for children were also very popular.

Example Styles


The lifestyle associated with the Roaring Twenties was only for the rich and the few, yet has affected fashion ever since. The mobster style of famous gangsters, such as Al Capone, is now popular for ’20s themed parties. These men wore smart suits, clean-shaven faces and hair swept to the back and side with pomade. The effect of traditional pomade, which by the’20s was usually made with beeswax and mineral oil rather than bear fat, is to give a slightly dark and glossy look to hair. This polish needs to be recreated if you want to give your hair an authentic ’20s look. Rudolph Valentino wore one of the famous slicked-back styles of the time, where hair sat close to the head and had an almost wet shine. The 1920s,  was a period in history known for jazz, dance and fashion. Men of that era also had distinct 1920s hairstyles.




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