Tousled Hair Styles

Looking for sexy, flirty, yet romantic hairstyles? Then you can try this; Tousled hairstyles. Tousled hairstyles are those that give the illusion that your hair has been wind swept or gives the “just out of bed” appearance.Very thin hair may disagree with this style, but any other type of hair should easily transform into tousled hairstyles. They are very much preferred for a casual do and are just right for enjoying an evening out with friends. This type of hairstyles are look good on all women whether young or old. The look is achievable for most girls with straight or wavy hair.

For an updo hairstyle with a tousled look, first you need to blow dry your freshly washed hair with the nozzle of the hairdryer pointing downwards. Wrap sections of your hair around a round brush to create soft waves. Once all your hair is blow dried and wavy, spray it with a hairspray. Brush your hair back and gather it at your nape to create a low ponytail. Pull the gathered hair through an elastic band half way and loop the ends through the elastic band. Use bobby pins to pin the hair in place and pull out some strands to create a sexy look. To finish off the look, gently mist your hair with some additional hair spray.

Or you go with another tousled hairstyles; side part hair. Wash and dry your hair using an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. Towel-dry hair before applying an anti-frizz hair serum and hair gel. Apply a quarter-size amount of curl-defining mousse to the crown. This will create more body. Part your hair on one side of your head. If you have naturally curly hair, scrunch your hair while you blow-dry it using a humidifier. If you have straight hair, you will have to create your own curls. Blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry. Section off pieces of your hair, and roll the sections up in hot rollers. Leave the rollers on for 30 minutes before removal. Once the rollers have been removed, you should have beautifully tousled hairstyle with curls. Add a silk flower behind your ear for an extra special touch. Finish with light hair spray.

For straight hair; you can use a curling iron. After working a hair gel through the hair, curl 1-inch sections of hair around a medium curling iron for short hair and a large curling iron for long hair in a corkscrew fashion. Hold the curl for about 10 seconds and release before it forms into a tight curl. Continue around the hair, and let each section cool. Then, use your fingers to comb and separate the curls into waves. Finish with hairspray.

For short hair, you need to have hair that comes up to your chin. First you need to wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and condition it with an anti frizz conditioner that will add moisture to your strands and give it a glossy shine. Next, apply a coin size amount of finishing cream through your wet hair and make sure that each strand is coated with the styling product. Now flip your hair downwards and use a diffuser to dry your hair. Once you are done drying your hair, flip your hair back and dry the sides. After all your hair is dry, use a round brush and a blow dryer to blow dry the hair around your face. Now use the narrow curling attachment of your curling iron and curl random one inch sections of your hair. Make sure that you curl only the ends of your hair till mid shaft and keep the hair around the roots straight. Finish this style by gently running your hair around the curls.


The Example Pictures of Tousled Hairstyles

The tousled hairstyles are perfect for summer (or those of us that live in warm-weather climates year round). The tousled hairstyles can gives you a natural, romantic look, which may complement your personality. When choosing a tousled hairstyle, look to celebrities who have made that style popular, such as Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Black Lively, etc. Tousled hairstyles are a great way to create a casual fun look with minimum effort.




Men’s Hair Color

Women aren’t the only ones using hair color to improve their hairstyle. Men can also color their hair, whether they just want to have a natural look to cover grey hair or go for a completely new color. Mens hair color are as versatile as women, since there are many colors that can be tried, depending on the skin tones. Also, hair color for men can give a new dramatic color to your hair. These colors can bring depth and texture to your style. For consideration; when you think of changing your natural hair color to something else, you almost lose that color for the next one year. So, make sure you want to get a color change, because there are many examples of hair blunders which occur due to choosing the wrong color. You also have to make sure, the color suits your skin tone and whether you want to get streaks, hair highlights or some other hairstyles. Men usually don’t have hair as long as women, and it is also known, that the time taken for their hair growth is lesser than women.

You can choose your hair color not just depending your skin tones but also depending upon the amount of time the color will last. Permanent mens hair color; these permanent hair products are commonly used in the salons. Permanent hair colors darken or lighten your hair effectively to provide a natural look. Permanent hair colors are absorbed into the hair shaft and generally do not go away easily, but may fade over time. Ammonia and peroxide are the main constituents of permanent hair colors, and these may sometimes negatively affect the hair. Temporary Hair Colors: As the name suggests, temporary hair colors persist only for a limited duration. Shampooing the hair once is sufficient to wash out the temporary hair color. Used for special occasions such as parties, concerts and holidays, temporary hair care products come in different types such as sprays, gels and rinses. So whether it is covering unexpected gray hair or trying a new look, temporary hair colors are the best choice. However, excessive use of these colors can result into male hair loss.

Besides coloring the entire head, there are other ways to add color to men’s hair; add highlights. The highlights soften their look without drastically changing anything. Some men also choose to color only the tips of their hair, usually with a very light shade. Special kits are available for both of these procedures. They generally follow the same rules as the more general hair-coloring techniques, but may utilize a special tool to apply the dye to the desired spot. Choosing the right mens hair color can give a vibrant and shiny look to your hair. Check out the latest trends in hair color that you find interesting. Cheers!



2012 Hairstyles for Young Men

It’s 2012! More young men are choosing to style their hair than ever before. Young men need to be more open-minded, and not fear to try some new different 2012 hairstyles and colors. They can go for straight to curly style, or white to red hair color. Adopting some fresh new 2012 hairstyles can totally change the way of young men look. Some styles of 2012 hairstyles for young men can be achieve with simple way, with low maintenance.

And for young men,  the type of product you use also important, because it’ll affects the outcome you achieve. It’s important to use a product with the right amount of control, so be sure to read the label for texture and hold. For the ideas of 2012 hairstyles that great for young men, some of them are mentioned below.


In 2012, the quiff becomes something altogether more refined. It’s still infused with attitude, but, as far as young men’s haircut trends this year, it’s a very different attitude.  This quiff style requires special hairstyling skills. The hair above the forehead in the centre needs to be taller and more volumised than normal. A guy therefore needs to use products to hold the quiff in place and he also needs a comb or a brush to arrange the quiff. Gel is sufficient for a short quiff, but longer hair needs something extra, such as hairspray or pins.


This year, rockabilly styles making a huge impression amongst men, again. Rockabilly hair style is one of the most popular among male celebrities on the red carpet, and you’ll see it plenty on fashion magazine. For young men, this hairstyle can be alternative option besides quiff, and there are some variations of Rockabilly hairstyles, such as; Pompadour, Duck tail, Detroit, and Jelly Roll. For a bold look, young men can go for rockabilly hair with appropriate clothing and accessories which is essential.  Think leather jackets, gingham, vintage bowling shirts, slacks, crepe soled shoes and obviously, jeans. The current model for the neo-rockabilly look is skinny black jeans, printed tees or baggy white wife beaters, button-up shirts, skinny ties, omnipresent wayfarer sunglasses and a fitted leather jacket.

Bed Head Look

The key to creating a successful messy bedhead look is a combination of the right haircut and a few styling tricks. A multi-layered haircut helps guys to get natural tousled volume that does not look over-styled or loaded with product. Layered cuts are effective on both straight and wavy hair. Choppy layers make styling a messy bedhead easy because the hair tends to sit up naturally when it has been cut this way. Just five minutes in the morning should be enough to get this modern classic style looking effortlessly perfect.

Natural Curly

Just like Harry Styles curly hair, it would be nice in another young men too. And it will look good with long hair because it stays close to the head and still looks neat in appearance. If you hair in very curly, this kind of look will be easy to maintain.

Emo hair

Emo is short for “emotional,” but the emo style is more about an artistic expression with clothing, attitude and, of course, hair. A combination of goth, punk and metal, “emo” is much less the sad undertone is was once thought to be and now reflects a modest rebellion against pop culture through clothing and style. Inspired by The Beatles, young men can go with emo style that much like the Beatles’ hair in the ’60s. This style is essentially a bowl cut (only messier). The hair should go down past the eyebrows and ears and is often longer than that, which allows for swoop-fringe on one-side.

Slicked Back Undercut

Here’s another 2012 hairstyles for young men; slicked back undercut. IMO, this hairstyle is more about classic style yet mature, but really awesome and cool for young guys. Perhaps if you are a young man who really tired with your old hair, just try this one. The cut of undercut is a less severe version of the undershave, where the hair at the sides and back of the head are shaved completely down while the top is left long. Undercutting allows the longer hair to curl over the shorter hair beneath it and provides a lighter look that is easy to manage. Then the top of your hair;slick it back with gel. Done.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut, sometimes also called a wiffle cut or a crew cut, is a hairstyle named after the sound of an electric razor, the essential tool used to create it. A buzz cut can have hair as long as a quarter of an inch and as short as mere stubble, achieved by removing the guard from the electric clippers. Buzz cuts can be had in a matter of moments if the stylist is experienced, the hands are steady and the clippers are decent quality.

And here are some pictures of 2012 hairstyles for young men for an example :

2012 hairstyles for young men can be just easy to achieve. But if you want to get the best results, you can go visit you favorite hairstylist in the downtown. After all, whatever 2012 hairstyles that will you choose, you need to feel more comfortable, confident and for the most of all; Always be yourself. Cheers!



Henna Hair Color

Henna hair color for men and women is a great alternative as a natural dyeing product compared to the chemical dyes. Henna used for hair coloring has no side effects, and is hence opted for by people who are looking to dye their hair without using any harmful or harsh chemicals. Henna hair color also has an effective, natural method way to color you hair and make it stronger. From rich coppers, reds, and auburns to cinnamons and burgundies, henna helps your hair acquire the color your want while at the same time can increasing hair volume. Hair that has been treated with henna is also softer, stronger and more resistant to split ends.

To apply Henna hair color, start with wash and dry your hair before applying the henna paste. Wear some old clothes and cover the floor with some newspaper to protect from spillage of the paste. If you are applying henna for the first time, then you have to do a strand test to check whether you are allergic to henna hair coloring. This can be done by applying it on a few strands of hair, starting from the roots to the tips. If you develop any reactions, then don’t proceed with the application. Then after your dry, dump henna powder into a mixing bowl and turn it into a goopy paste by adding equal parts water and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly until the desired consistency is reached. Be sure to mash out all of the lumps. Set the henna paste aside and begin prepping for the dye job. Apply petroleum jelly along the hairline and ears, and anyplace that might come into contact with the henna-soaked hair. This will ensure that the henna does not stain the skin. Put on the plastic gloves. Scoop up the henna paste with your hands and begin working through the hair. Make sure that all of the hair is saturated with the paste, from the roots to the ends. Pile the saturated hair on top of the head and cover with a shower cap. Allow the dye to penetrate the hair for at least 1 hour (up to 3 hours if time permits). Rinse the henna paste out of the hair with warm water. Do not stop rinsing until the water runs clear. Use a top-quality conditioner on the hair immediately following the henna treatment. Just for the tips; Always remember that application of pure henna can change the hair color to natural red only. The black and brown versions available in the market may either contain some other natural dyes or chemicals. It is better to use pure henna powder. Repeated usage is found to be beneficial for gray hair too.

Besides coloring the hair, henna also has conditioning benefits. One of the benefits of henna over other hair color products is that it is natural and is beneficial for the hair in many ways. As henna is a natural hair color, it is almost devoid of any side effects. Apart from dyeing the hair, it is also a good conditioner, which imparts a brilliant shine and a smooth texture to the hair, and is effective in removing tangles.  Henna hair color is a natural product, free of the side-effects and the allergic reactions sometimes caused by commercial hair dyes, and you can apply it yourself. It is also believed that henna has antifungal properties, which helps in controlling dandruff. It also contains several nourishing constituents that strengthens the hair. Henna has many other healing effects and it is advisable that you always check for original henna powder, to achieve the best results.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Summer

Summers is a vacation time when we visit the beach and intend of doing so every single day. Summers are when you want to let your hair loose and have some fun. You may love letting your hair loose in summer, but the prolonged exposure to the sun, can cause major damage to your hair. The ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the cells that keep your hair strong and also burn the hair cuticle, making it feel dry and brittle. That’s why, it is very important for us to take proper care of our hair in summers, as sometimes, this damage cannot be repaired.

There are some preventive hair care and immediate maintenance after sun exposure keeps your hair healthy and vibrant all summer long. And some of them are mentioned below.


Anything that is hot, is a strict no-no for your hair in summers. Stay away from blow dries at all times. Don’t style your hair all the time in the summers and try to keep it as natural as possible. Straightening irons and curlers should also be avoided as they expose your hair to heat when there is already more of it than required. Do not wash your hair with hot water and instead opt for lukewarm or even better, cold water. Blow drying should be avoided in all cases.


After swimming, it is suggested to always wash your hair. Rinsing chlorine or salt water from your hair as soon as possible will intercept extra damage. Wash with a clarifying shampoo, or rinse with white vinegar.


Perform deep conditioning as often as daily to repair damaged hair. Apply after shampooing and leave-in for as long as possible or as directed then rinse out. Cover the head with a shower cap and leave in as long as overnight.


Wear a hat if you will be out in the sun for several hours. This not only protects your strands from the sun, but it keeps your scalp from being burned on those extra-hot summer days.


Another tips hair care for summer is to consciously stay hydrated. This will help you to fight many problems including the drying of hair due to the sunlight. A good intake of water will help you to retain the moisture in your hair. It is said that a diet that is full of vitamins and proteins is also very good for maintaining healthy hair during summers.

These were some tips to keep your hair healthy during summer.  Hair care for summer is important and it will help you maintain your hair all through the summer season.




Ciara Hairstyles

Ciara is a hip-hop superstar. She’s gorgeous, a good singer, young and has a beautiful hair! She has long hair which makes it easy to pull back into a low ponytail when she is getting hot on the dance floor. There are some variations when it comes to ciara hairstyles. Ciara hairstyles range from straight, curly and wavy. Her hair colors vary from dark black, honey brown, to dark brown. She sometimes has medium length hairstyles that are straight and cut perfectly, even she once had a short haircut but it still look very pretty on her.

And this year,  Ciara takes the ombre hair trend to a whole new level with platinum blonde lengths and very dark roots. Since she debuted her look in early Feb, the star has been seen several times wearing her ombre locks. And no one can’t deny it that the new Ciara hairstyles with her ombre does look so gorgeous! Here are some pictures of her ombre hair:

To get ombre hair like ciara, you can follow some steps below:

  1. Use a Permanent hair coloring. Then determine your hair color, and pick up a pack of dye that’s only 3-4 shades lighter than your natural.
  2. Part the hair down the middle and behind both ears to make three sections. Clip back all of the hair behind the ears, and clip the front two sections separately.
  3. Apply Vaseline to the hairline to protect the skin from staining by the dye. Spread a thin layer across the whole hairline close to the root.
  4. Mix the hair color according to the package directions. Do this just before use, as it begins to process as soon as it is mixed. Mixing too early can change the color outcome.
  5. Apply the color generously to the roots, starting in front. Use your fingers to spread the color down, about one-third of the length of the hair. The color should be most concentrated at the root, so do not reapply color more than an inch from the root.
  6. Use a tint brush or clean toothbrush to help spread the color down, stopping at uneven lengths to prevent a demarcation line where the hair color stops. For a more natural look, spread the color as you would lowlights, leaving some strands their natural shade.
  7. Apply a permanent hair color to the tips to lighten the ends for a more dramatic look. Do not attempt to lighten already-colored hair. The color should be lightest at the ends, so apply to the tips and use your fingers or a tint brush to spread the color up the hair. For a more natural look, lighten the ends with highlights, leaving some strands their natural shade.
  8. Allow the hair color to process according to package instructions.
  9. When the processing time is over, rinse and condition according to package instructions. Blow-dry and style.


These were the steps to get ombre hair like Ciara’s. Ombre hair employs a gradual contrast between light and dark colors, with the darker color at the top of the head. This look also softens sharp facial features. The look can be subtle, with naturally blending colors, or more intense, with chunkier, high-contrast colors. And also, this low-maintenance, trendy look is really popular in these days. If you want to emulate one of Ciara hairstyles, to achieve the best result, it is suggested to visit your favorite hairstylist. Ciara is a pretty woman, always look gorgeous with all styles, and something new from her is absolutely worth to be awaited!



Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles

Who don’t like J.Lo hairstyles? Even almost all men impressed with her beautiful manes. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles that really versatile yet elegant.  J.Lo not afraid to change things up, going from bouncy curls in long hair to a sleek A-line bob. It’s easy for women to envy her hair, but it’s not impossible to achieve the same looks at home. That’s the matter. :)

Here’s the first J.Lo hair style that might you want to emulate; long wavy hair. To get this style, firstly you need to part your hair down the center to begin. Apply a generous amount of volumizing mousse through damp hair from root to tip. Use a diffuser to blow dry your hair for natural texture. Curl all of your hair with a 1 1/2-inch curling iron. Spritz your curls with texturizing spray and finger comb through them to loosen them into waves. Mist your hair with spray gel and continue scrunching them until they dry. Okey, then another Jennifer Lopez hairstyles; straight sleek.  This is a style Jennifer Lopez seems to enjoy regardless of hair length or the presence or absence of long bangs. It’s also simple to achieve. Spray on a heat-protectant and apply a straightening cream or serum. Divide your hair into sections and then blow dry with a paddle brush. Once the hair is dry, use a ceramic flat iron to lock in shine and smooth the hair even more. Finish up with a shine serum applied to the ends of the hair. You’ll sometimes see this called a Sedu or flat iron style because you can use a Sedu iron or other type of flat iron to add the finishing touches for an ultra-straight and shiny look.

On the other hand, for special occasions like prom, wedding, etc, you can try J.Lo up-dos, such chignon, messy bun, or half up hair. To get the chignon style, pull out the bangs and short layers around your face and then use your fingers to pull the rest into a low ponytail either in the center or to the side in the back of your head. Secure the ponytail with a hair elastic that blends in with your hair color and begin twisting the length of the ponytail. Wind it around the base of the ponytail and secure the circumference of the style with bobby pins. There are so many variations  when it comes to Jennifer Lopez hairstyles, if you are a fan, then you should try one of those.

You know, Jennifer Lopez can sing, act, dance and runs her own businesses. Her style is distinct and gorgeous, it’s worth to emulate Jennifer Lopez hairstyles by yourself for every occasion. But if you not really sure of the result, you may visit the salon to achieve the best results. Cheers!



Chelating Shampoo

For people who swim a lot it is also advisable to chelate your hair more often to get rid of the chlorine from the pool. Hard water causes damage to hair which ultimately leads to breakage. Again after a chelating shampoo, deep condition your hair to restore moisture. Chelating shampoos are used to remove mineral build up caused by hard water or even chlorine found in swimming pools. Chelating shampoos are like super strong clarifying shampoos that are specifically formulated to remove  mineral deposits from the hair.  Regular clarifying shampoos simply remove product buildup, while chelators take it a step further removing minerals and buildup.  Mineral deposits usually wind up on the hair when someone has hard water or uses no-lye relaxers.

Many types of buildup that can accumulate on the hair and scalp, and when this buildup is not removed, it often weighs the hair down and causes significant damage. Hard water buildup is a common problem for many individuals, as well as product buildup from hair gels, sprays, and mousses. Regular shampooing will cleanse the hair and scalp, but may not completely remove all mineral and product residue. Eventually, the hair can become limp, dry, and unmanageable as a result of extreme buildup. Since a chelating shampoo will strip the hair of all buildup, it usually removes the natural oils from the scalp as well. As a result, the scalp and hair can become dry and parched. Most chelating cleansers are not intended to be used daily; however, there are some shampoos that are gentle enough for regular use. With harsh chelating shampoos, use should normally be limited to once a week or less.

A chelating shampoo also often used as precursors to chemical services such as relaxing or coloring hair because of the deep levels at which they are able to work within the hair shaft. They help these processes take a little better.

Charlize Theron Hairstyles

If you looking for a new inspiration for your next hairstyle from gorgeous updo to straight sleek locks, then the red carpet is the right place to look for. And one of the most inspired celebrities about their hairstyles; Charlize Theron with her beautiful hair.  Oscar winner Charlize Theron is known for her acting chops and killer style. Charlize has inspired countless women with her simple and natural elegance hairstyles. But one of the most noticable Charlize Theron hairstyles a few time ago  is about her braided updo. Theron looked stunning at the 17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, wearing braids that culminated in a bun behind her head rather than on top. It’s look pretty complicated braids, but really looks stunning on Charlize’s hair!

If you want to know the steps to get this Charlize’s braid, then you can follow this steps; begin with shampooing your hair with a smoothing formula. Apply Moroccanoil through your damp hair to create a foundation for a soft look. This will also help protect your hair from the heat styling that’s about to come. Then part your hair on the right side and a loose braid was made from hair at the nape of the, the braid was made gradually larger and looser as it reached the opposite side, and then secured with a pin.

Take the remaining hair and create a thinner braid above the first one. Direct both braids toward your ear, and twist them into a low bun. Secure it in place with bobby pins. Finish with a light misting of shine spray to add luminosity. This braided updo could be say one of the best of Charlize Theron hairstyles, and definitely great for any formal occasions.

Besides this braided updo, there are many different styles when it comes to Charlize Theron hairstyles, such as short to medium wavy, side bun, side ponytail, carefree look, side swept, loose curls, center part wavy hair, and many more. With many hairstyles that comes up from Charlize’s, it will helps you for variations in styles and in choosing the right one according your occasion. Also, this can be your best option when you looking for soft, simple hairstyles to go. For ease, you can go to your favorite salon to achieve the best results. Have good time!;)




Bad Haircut: How to Deal

Bad haircut happen? Don’t panic! you need to calming down yourself, take a deep breath and think some ways to deal with it.  Bad haircuts can happen to anyone, stylists sometimes make mistakes because of human error, miscommunication, or inexperience. Once the bad cut is complete, you cannot turn back the clock, but you can find ways to make your new cut tolerable. Here are some different approaches for dealing with a bad haircut.

  • Use products that encourage hair growth. Apply treatments designed for strengthening hair and use heat styling tools as little as possible to minimize damage. Or consume vitamins and supplements to help hair grow out quickly. Take supplements with biotin, a well-known vitamin that stimulates hair growth, or eat foods containing biotin such as egg yolks and whole grains. Get plenty of B-vitamins, iron and protein to strengthen hair and protect against damage.
  • Take a shower first and wash your hair. Then follow your normal routine, whether it’s blow drying it or letting it air-dry. See what your hair looks like now. Sometimes hair will look completely different when the salon style has been washed out. It may look longer than you first thought.
  • Style your hair in a new way. Curl, straighten, or crimp your hair to give it new dimension. You may actually find a way of styling your hair that you love.
  • How about to wear your favorite hats? If you’ve always wanted to wear stylish hats that match your outfits, there will never be a better opportunity. And also, you can go with another accessories like scarves, headbands, etc
  • Change the look of your hair by adding hair extension locks. They are easy to clip-in and remove, and they look cool too. If you hate the glue and you are afraid of the chemicals used in them, there are extensions that need none of that, you only need to attach them to your hair properly, and the bad haircut will cease to exist.
  • Coloring your hair! When you color your hair, color them in streaks, in whichever color you like. Try colors like pink, blond, black, brown, red and blue. When you use such colors, your hair color will grab the entire attention on your hair and it can gives your face a makeover, and makes you look like a different person.
  • You can visit a different stylist and ask whether they can fix your bad haircut or at least make it better for the time being. Grab some pictures of the look you want as a guide.

Accessories to camouflaging your bad haircut

These were several ways to deal with a bad haircut. Actually, how your hair looks isn’t only about your haircut. It also about your hair styles too. Moreover, you could still growing out your hair, although it’ll need a time. But you still can, right? Caring your hair also important, unhealthy or damaged hair is worse than a bad haircut. So, keep calm, this is not the end of the world and learn how to deal with a bad haircut correctly. Good luck!